Grow a Life You Love

Are you ready to create the life you have been dreaming of?

Somewhere along your journey from your carefree 20s through your life-building 30s and beyond,

you lost your self.

Where did that vibrant, happy young woman
you once were go?

Let’s find her and grow a life you can love.

Does this feel all too familiar? Career came first. Then kids, possibly. Taking care of you fell lower and lower on your priority list. Now you find yourself so tired at the end of the day, lacking any energy to break out of your routine. The repetition of your days is leaving you empty and you just don’t feel good about your life.

I know. I was there too. For years, I worked long hours, taking on big projects at work, not asking for the support I needed in my life. I fed myself processed foods, prepared quickly and eaten hastily. I skipped breakfast, had a frozen entrée for lunch at my desk and dinner was either pasta, sloppy joe’s or some other quick and cheap meal. I lived my life in lack. And I had no idea.

Over the past eight years, my life has evolved to one I am truly happy with. I don’t have endless blissful moments as a single mom or stay calm and centered all the time, but I am happy. I am continually creating a life that nourishes me and as I have coached others to create the healthy, happy lives they crave, I have found some common challenges we all face.

In the Grow a Life You Love series, you will look into different areas of your life from your home and self-care practices to your relationships, contribution in the world and your wealth. You will learn how to become aware of where you are now, what is ready to change and take action to create your life full of joyful moments, aliveness and gratitude.

Grow a Life You Love will introduce you to a practice in holistic living.

This is the perfect place for you.

Nourish You is a healthy living “boot camp” of sorts. We will focus on six foundational areas of life over six weeks to immerse you in healthy, conscious living. You will learn tools to nourish yourself in each area of life

Coming soon is our newest class on self-care. In Take Care of Yourself, you will begin your journey to grow a life you love at your foundation. Caring for ourselves is the beginning of living a full, happy and healthy life. It is the tending of the soil we grow from. Just as a tree can’t grow in soil that lacks nutrients, we need to nourish our selves so we can live and grow lives we love.

What do you need to give yourself to grow?