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Are you ready to bring your ideas that are
always on the back-burner to life?

(But without getting overwhelmed by it all and paralyzed.)

Do you find yourself often saying, “I’ve always wanted to…”


start a business…

design a new product…

launch a course…

write a book…

start a podcast…

and… and… and… ?

You hit your 40s, 50s or beyond and realize that IT'S TIME.

You're finally ready to make that MEANINGFUL DREAM you've yearned for REAL.

Yet, there are all these different ways we can get stuck. 

We start too big and get overwhelmed. 

Or we just don’t even know where to start. 

Or we don’t think we’re going to do it good enough so we don’t do it at all. 

Or we’re always putting others ahead of our own pursuits.


No More!


It’s time for you to give yourself permission to go for your dreams!

Hi, I’m Jessica Bonosoro, Aligned Action Coach

I help entrepreneurs bring those “always-on-the-back-burner” ideas and projects to life so they can grow their business and have days filled with what truly matters to them.

I have a background in building, systematizing, and business operations and an analytical side that loves building workflows, systems, processes, and plans. I’m ALSO a Certified Holistic Coach and trained as a Self-Belief Coach, with over a decade of helping clients get clear about what they want and actually make it happen.

What that means for you:

Part tangible, clear guidance.

Part healing & clearing what's in the way.

Part holding a safe, accepting space for magic to emerge.


Introducing... The Stroll Approach

What if our goals aren’t the whole story of the GOAL?

We’ve been told we should “set goals” and learn to “be productive!”

But the inner stuff that comes up as you’re planning and going for your goals is where you get to grow. 

It’s a dance of the inner and outer. The being and doing.

Inner growth + outer action. Inner questioning + outer planning.

For example, if one of your goals is to start a business and if you find yourself repeatedly getting stopped by not wanting to put yourself out there, then exploring this and learning how you can feel safe and build your visibility muscle has to be a part of the process, not just the outer action steps you may typically think of in starting a business. 

The focus on inner questioning, exploring and growth is what helps you in the long run. 

You can always make a to-do list and check the items off, but the inner growth uplevels the next to-do list so you don’t keep doing the same things again and again. You’re growing and evolving.

The Stroll towards your goals is where the magic happens.

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