gratitude: a 21-day exploration day seventeen

Gratitude is a big part of healthy living. Healthy living is more than eating the “right” foods and exercising. It encompasses your mental health, emotional health, social health (relationships) and spiritual health as well. And gratitude is a foundational piece of your mindset in all areas of living. How does gratitude manifest itself in those Read More

gratitude: a 21-day exploration day sixteen

What is it that diminishes your gratitude? Can you recognize it? Negativity can creep into our minds so subtly. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a conversation of complaining or criticizing with others. The traffic, the crowds, those political ads – ugh, who wouldn’t complain about these things? Notice how often you find yourself complaining about Read More

gratitude: a 21-day exploration day fifteen

A study I read about concluded that gratitude can foster long-term thinking. Being grateful for all you have today generates patience in relationship to receiving. The study simplified this by determining how much money someone present to gratitude would take today (average of $63) vs. $80 in 30 days. The study participants who were present Read More