Are you willing to participate in your well-being? Part One of A Fibroid Story

This question has been bouncing around my head for a few weeks now. It started with a conversation I was having with a few people at the Community Holistic Health Center about health care and how we’ve been led down the path of pharmaceuticals rather than changing our habits when we have a health issue. This question is at the heart of coaching. You have to be a willing participant in the coaching process for you to make real change. The simplicity and clarity of this question is the starting point of change. Are you willing to participate in your well-being?

This could look like many things – from committing to a new exercise routine, taking on eating clean, keeping your self-care practices going even on the “busy” weeks, training yourself to drink all the water your body needs every day, finally meditating and being kind with yourself knowing that your way is just perfect for you.

There are so many things we can do for ourselves to improve our well-being. I know this for myself and from witnessing others. I have seen people get healthier by changing their eating habits and reducing the impact of stress. I myself cleaned up my eating habits when I first started on my health coaching journey and more recently have added a practice of mindfulness and meditation to my life on a regular basis. I have seen the benefits in my life and I know we all have the power to heal (and to cause) illness in our bodies.

Enter a fibroid…

Nearly two years ago, I began experiencing extremely heavy periods. It wasn’t every month, but enough for me to take note. Along with this, I’ve gained more than a comfortable amount of weight over these two years and have had plenty of moments of extreme emotions – from tears to anger and frustration and everything in between. I chalked this up to overall stress of being a single parent, trying to build a stable business on my own, potentially being pre-menopausal – who knows. I made efforts to clean up my eating habits even more, participating in my RESET cleanse along with my clients in the summer of 2015 and taking on my Eating Clean plan more diligently last fall. I felt better but not for long. At the same time my periods were not only heavy at a more regular pace, but my reliable 5-day flow was now up to six, seven, eight, even nine days sometimes!

I did a lot of research and my symptoms seemed to point to estrogen dominance, which I assumed meant I was pre-menopausal. I used maca powder, which helped with my emotions, but not my flow. I took different herbs for headaches, which helped ease the pain in the moment but didn’t stop them from occurring.

Sometime in late 2016 I started to feel a bulge in my lower abdomen in the mornings and began wondering if I had a fibroid. Honestly, this could be my bladder being pushed forward because of a fibroid or it could be a fibroid itself. Either way, something was making a visible mound on my belly!

These ups and downs with my cycle had been going on for a while, but with this new bump I got myself to the doctor. So this February, I finally got the confirmation that yes, I do have a fibroid. After an ultrasound, I found out the fibroid is just over 5 cm in diameter and is likely the cause of all of these symptoms. Great – let’s get it out of me! Well, I am finding that is easier said than done!

Before I go on with the medical story, let me also let you in on some things I was /am going through on an emotional level, which I think are directly related.

When the confirmation of the fibroid came to me from the medical world, what came flooding into my mind was a fight I had with my sister back in February 2016 (seriously almost exactly a year from the doctor’s appt!). The argument and how it had been impacting me in so many ways since it occurred felt directly related to this fibroid somehow.

Since January, I have been doing some work with chakras and always felt a pull in both my sacral chakra and my throat chakra. The sacral chakra is located about three finger widths below the belly button, basically right where my fibroid is. I have long believed that everything happens for a reason and try to look for the lesson or wisdom in even what seem to be the worst of circumstances and this just felt too perfect to me. The argument and leftover bad feelings – the fibroid – the energy I could actively feel pulling at my sacral chakra during clearing meditations… it all felt connected.

And then I came across this (partial) reply to a comment on Dr. Christiane Northrup’s website:

“One final thing. Are there any stresses in your family (blood family) that involve money, power struggles, or sexual issues? These are all second chakra issues that can affect the uterus. It’s all food for thought.”

Wow. This both excites me and scares me because now, as I weigh the medical options given to me, one of which is a hysterectomy, I find myself asking this question again: “Are you willing to participate in your well-being?” and more directly:  Am I?

Am I willing to get uncomfortable as I heal this fibroid on these many different levels? Am I willing to face my fears? Am I willing to let go of power struggles? Am I willing to participate in my healing and my well-being?

Yes, I am!

I’m not exactly sure what this will look like yet. But I am willing and committed to healing my body and my spirit.

Wish me luck. I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

Are you willing to participate in your well-being? What are you ready to heal in your life? Where are you ready to shift so you can truly grow a life you love?

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