A Moment of Balance

Happy Autumnal Equinox! These celebrations of the earth always call to me. We live within rhythms and cycles in so many areas of our lives. From weekends to weekdays, new moon to full moon and back each month, and season to season as we pass through each year. Our lives ebb and flow with our internal energy and external experiences. Sometimes we are in the driver’s seat of change and other times we are at the whim of the universe and find ourselves riding some unexpected waves or crashing into the sea.

Photo by Gustavo Torres on Unsplash

The next change before us, the shift to Autumn, occurs at the moment of equinox. A moment when the length of the day and the night are equal. A moment of balance.

When I had the idea to name my business The Balance Tree, the name came to me as a visual of an expansive tree with all the branches representing different areas of life from healthy body, your connection to spirit, money flows, relationships, your career or contribution in the world, your home environment, and many other areas. The Balance Tree is a growing, evolving representation of life. It is ever-changing as we all are. Each of us has our own unique branches as we are all our own unique tree.

“Balance” can be seen as a state to aspire to. For me, balance is as fluid and momentary as the equinox, giving us a marker of equilibrium for just a moment as the flow of the earth moving around the sun continues on. Balance is not meant to be held forever. If we were to be in balance all the time that would mean we are stationary and where’s the fun in that? As we celebrate this moment of balance at the equinox, we know what is coming next is the lengthening of the nights, the final harvests of the season and another period of transformation in the world around us and if we choose, in our world within as well.

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