We are all directing our life path by the choices we make (and don't make).

So how do you trust that NOW is the time to pivot or start that foundation or write the book?

It can be scary. There’s uncertainty. There may be judgment coming up. How come I haven’t taken action before this? You may have to (potentially) disappoint people as you listen to what you really want and take care of yourself and your needs, and not put everyone else first. 

Yet, it’s time to make that dream that you’ve yearned for REAL in the world. It’s been pushed to the back burner for too long, and life is passing by. You’re done letting the mundane day-to-day get in the way of what is really important to you. 

You’ve always been an action taker, not content with navel gazing, but that action has been towards the life you were told you should have — get married, build a career, have kids…

But what happens when you hear your true desires and don't take action to bring them to life is a whole lot of internal struggle, unease, sometimes random physical pain, and that "messy middle" feeling when you know things aren't working as-is but you haven't yet gotten to the other side.

I’ve been in this place in my life before. Certainly when I went through my divorce, when I chose to leave my long-time hospitality consulting career, and plenty of other times too. Growth never ends. 

When you hear the messages that show what you really want, and then you don’t take action towards that calling, you are breaking your trust with yourself.

Trust is actually a two-part process:

First comes listening to the messages coming through and acting on those nudges. It’s not always easy and it takes courage, but action is necessary. 

And then, when you do take action, you get to experience building your self-trust, which in turn makes it easier to take action again.

We have to have faith first, then leap. Then that faith turns into trust.

Looking back, there was nothing in my life, my family, my upbringing, society that told me it was a good idea to leave a secure job I had for 12 years, while I had a two-year old at home and was going through a divorce where I had been the primary income generator in our marriage.

And yet… I had those strong messages telling me I had to, telling me I wanted something different, something more aligned to my values.

In fact, this image below is the list of the values I wanted to live by that I wrote out back in 2009 as I was going through those big changes. Faith/Trust topped the list back then too!

You’re ready to do what’s calling to you. You’re inspired. This is the moment.

But what if you’re stuck on the precipice, paralyzed, not taking the leap?

That’s where I come in. That’s where coaching and community is needed. It’s not always just going to happen because everything is pointing to it. 

This is where the dreaming steps into the doing, and we need support when we’re doing something new. 

We can make huge shifts in our lives when we have someone in our corner for support, accountability and acceptance.

As an Aligned Action Coach with a background in holistic health coaching, mindfulness practices, expertise in building, systematizing and operations, and over a decade helping clients get clear about what they want and actually make it happen, I help entrepreneurial women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond make their meaningful dream or idea real – whether it’s finally starting that organization, scaling their offerings or expanding their business endeavors into a bigger vision. 

My Credentials 

  • Trained Self Belief Coach
  • IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach 
  • Aligned Action Coach
  • Expertise in life, health, and business coaching 
  • Analytical side that loves building workflows, systems, processes, and plans
  • Coaching and leading workshops and circles for over a decade, to support people in visioning, planning, and growing lives they love 
  • Creator of The Stroll Approach coaching framework – a process for bringing focused presence to your unique journey of going for and realizing your goals. 
  • Co-founder of We Prosper Collective, an online community supporting entrepreneurs to build prosperous lives and businesses

My Superpowers

  • Deep listening and space-holding for clients 
  • Wise and honest, judgment free partner
  • Helping others be free from self-judgment, modeling a place of acceptance and allowance of who I am and how I want to live my life
  • Helping them see their own answers, what is most meaningful to them and their next steps
  • Innate gentleness, inviting energy, calls them into a different space
  • Guide that puts people at ease while offering new perspectives
  • A powerful way of helping you find your inner strength

Are you curious about how coaching can help you?

Let’s talk.

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You can reach me at 303-588-6554 or jess@thebalancetree.com

I look forward to knowing you.