Action through the Fear – Here I Come!

Years ago, when I was first starting to look at how I wanted to live my life post full-time employment, post-marriage, and as a single mom, I made this list. I guess all my years of reading personal transformation/self-help/new age-y books had taught me to go within to find what I was looking for. I was aware of what I didn’t want in life, but after walking that same old walk for so long, it didn’t feel so easy to just switch gears and start fresh. So I sat and thought about the values I wanted to live by. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Faith/Trust
  • Creative Expression
  • Fearless Action
  • Grace
  • Human Connection
  • Healthy Living

This list has been posted in my kitchen or my office ever since. A daily reminder of how I want to live.

We moved to a new home back at the end of May. My list made the move stuck to the same old bulletin board that hung in my old office and as I create my new office space, I was struck by my vision once again. It feels good to acknowledge that I’ve lived in alignment with many of these values over the last six plus years, probably healthy living most predominantly. What struck me now as I came across these words was “fearless action.” Is there really such a thing when you are talking about redesigning your life? And do I really want to live a life of “fearless action” anyway?

I want to “feel the fear and do it anyway!” That’s where the growth is as well as the reward.

So, let me be honest here. All this writing I am doing lately… have you noticed the increased frequency? Well, this is me taking action through my fears. I have always been a writer, in private. I have journals dating back more than 20 years. I have short stories and glimpses of scenes written. I have dreams of writing for my favorite magazines. Writing has been in me for a long time. No wonder I’m in love with an author!

Taking this action, more consistently than ever, through my fears has taught me yet again that “just do it” is a great motto to live by! It’s not so scary once you get going. I hope you have been enjoying hearing from me more often. My biggest wish for my life is that I can make a positive impact for others, through coaching and writing. I’d love to hear your feedback and questions. Let me know what you love, what didn’t do much for you, and what would support you in living your healthiest life. I’d love to celebrate my growth and rewards of taking action through the fear along side of you.

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