Applying the Five Love Languages to You: Part 4

Wow – yet another way to give yourself love!

The countdown is almost up! Creating Self-Care Practices for You will be available starting on Sunday, September 11. In preparation for this class I have been focusing on applying each of the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman to our selves. It has been eye-opening and heart-warming to experience this for myself and hear how this shift in mentality has opened up love for others too. One woman shared with me about no longer longer feeling like a martyr when doing daily chores when she could see these as acts of service to her self. Nothing necessarily changed outwardly but shifting your awareness internally can create a whole new world.

What have you learned about self-love this week?

Listen in today as I explore expressing self-love though quality time.

self care video 4 from Jessica Bonosoro on Vimeo.

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