Applying the Five Love Languages to You

My heart has been inside of a new course I am creating, called Creating Self-Care Practices for You. This is the first class of my Grow a Life you Love Series, which is going to focus on lots of different areas of life over the next year. I am so excited to see this all come together and share it with you!

We start with self-care this month because to me, self-care really is the foundation for everything else we are building and creating in our lives. It goes back to the statement of: “Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.” You cannot be who you want to be in the world – you cannot be who you truly are if you are not taking care of you.

In Creating Self-Care Practices for You, we will explore self-care by becoming aware of how we may or may not practice self-care already. We will set intentions for who we want to be in terms of our self-care. We will clear what may be blocking us, and we will ultimately create practices that fill us up.

Listen in as I describe how you can start today by applying The 5 Love Languages to self-love!

I’d love to hear from you. Share below how you love yourself through acts of service.


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