The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Be Here Now

We have been at this for over two months now. #Stayathome is now #Saferathome here in Colorado. In essence the message is: “be here now.” Be here now has been one of my mantras for awhile now. It was my first mantra when I started meditating years ago – my anchor to come back to the breath when my mind went on its own meandering journey. I also repeat this to myself when I am working on my computer and my distracting brain wants to check email or look up that recipe I was thinking of, anything except the task at hand. So yes, be here now and I have been good friends for many years.

One gift of being here now is you come to find out more about yourself over time. The things that return again and again to pull at your mind, you find, are worthy of their own position as the “task at hand” eventually. The dreams and ideas that keep holding on even as you push them aside for potentially decades get louder as you quiet the true distractions of life.

These months at home have in many ways invited/allowed/forced us (depending on your point of view in any given moment) to drop the true distractions and see what comes up for us.

On a recent zoom call with the magnificent women (and one man) I was blessed to work with in college, someone shared about recognizing all the tools we have been gathering in our lives so far and how now is the time to really use them. This comment made me realize that while, yes, I have not been as productive as I want to be and there has certainly been more wine in my glass than typical, I am actually solid in my meditation and exercise practices. I am eating in a way that is healthy for me. I am talking and listening and learning with my son as he goes through this huge challenge in his life too. These are tools I have built up for many years.

On this call we were also reflecting on what new things we found, perhaps by accident, that were supporting us to feel good. From fun tv shows to coloring, podcasts, family zoom calls and more, we were all finding joy in the midst of this uncertain time. I shared how walking my dog, Tuli, has become a moment to consciously be in the experience of the walk rather than seeing it as a task I had to do.

After the call, I was in my kitchen and spied my new bed of sprouts I started from Hamama, and I was hit with all the other ways this time has shined a light on what is important to me.

  • I signed up for a CSA with a local farm.
  • I bought tea and face moisturizer from a small local business I had been meaning to get to for months (with safe curbside pick up).
  • I subscribed to a locally raised-meat delivery service.
  • I set up a bird feeder in my backyard.
  • I am going on more bike rides with my son.
  • I have potatoes in the ground in our small backyard garden, with more veggies to be planted soon.
  • My partner and I are more connected than ever.
  • I am reading almost daily (just finished The Sovereignty Knot by Marisa Goudy).
  • I got a hand-me-down composter to lessen my trash.
  • And I am growing sprouts at home.

My son and I have been loving these Hamama sprouts so much, I even signed up to be an affiliate.
Bonus: you get 10% off with the code “SUPERGREENS” if you want to try them out.

These are all simple things. Many I have done before in my life, but now they feel like choices I am making from knowing what is important to me rather than tasks on my to do list. Just like walking my dog.

Looking at your life today vs. early March, what simple parts of life have changed? What new choices have you been making during these times? Can you see a shift towards living a more conscious and meaningful life? If not, what small step could you start today?

Please reach out if you would like someone to talk to. I am offering free 30-minute coaching/connection calls for you. Send me an email at to get on my schedule.

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