Be Here Now

So many things don’t work some days… Emails don’t get sent no matter how many times you send them. Blog posts disappear. Computers freeze. Car “Check Engine” lights come on.

One day last week all of these seemed to happen. Then I had a moment. Suddenly I had an hour free in the afternoon while my son was at an after-school play date. Wonderful, I thought, I’ll catch up on these computer items that kept thwarting me during the day. There I sat at Starbucks, enjoying the rare experience and sure enough, the Wi-Fi wouldn’t work for me. Finally, I gave in! It took all day (and honestly many years prior), but I finally heard the message: Be Here Now.

muse mantra

This has actually been my mantra for a long time, one I strive for every day. In those moments when I find my mind scattered and moving so quickly from one idea to the next “to do” and back again, I remind myself to take a deep breath and be here now.

As the holidays are suddenly upon us I invite you to do the same. To help out with this, I have created a series of seven delicious soups and stews to nourish you through December and January. Being here now is so much nicer with a warm bowl of good food in your hands!

**Drawing of me and my mantra from Jules Dolly in her September Muse portrait series**

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