Bringing Kindness to our Goals

What if the way we have been setting goals doesn’t actually work for us anymore?

When it comes to setting goals, the focus is usually on the outcome or the result we want to have. We were taught to aim for something – an “A” in school, a certain # on the scale, an amount in our savings account, a boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse. End game goals that may or may not really connect with the heart of what we really want.

What if there was another way to approach setting goals?

Last month I held a couple of workshops on “Kind Goals” and the response I got tells me this is something people are yearning for. Sometimes just saying “Kind Goals” in a conversation had people respond with an “ahhh…” They don’t know exactly what that means or how to do it, but it feels good!

That’s exactly what your Kind Goal should do – make you feel good!

What is a Kind Goal?

A kind goal sparks something deep inside you.

It arouses or inspires an emotion or feeling.

When you think about it, you feel a sense of joy and rightness.

It is meaningful to you in your life right now.

You know that by committing to your kind goal, you will be opening a doorway to growth and healing for you.

With kind goals you are focused on being on the path, experiencing the process as you make your way toward your goal.

 Kind goals invite us to focus much more on the growth and healing that is possible when we consciously observe how we go about making (and not making) the changes we say that we want. 

I have seen a real difference for me and for my clients when we approach our goals this way.

It’s subtle, but I am seeing more inner acceptance of how they are seeing themselves and allowing themselves to be on their journey, not always feeling the pressure to get to the “prize” or “goal” at the end.

And that’s really the point, I think.

Our dreams and goals are here for two reasons – to be made real AND to initiate growth as we journey towards them.

We often mistake reaching the dream as the most important part.

But our goals aren’t actually the GOAL.

If what you truly want is a peaceful, joy-filled life with days full of meaning…that doesn’t come from pushing yourself so hard and sprinting towards your dream with blinders on, ignoring everything around you. 

Experiencing the journey is just as important as reaching the goal itself.

And only when we set Kind goals that come from our heart will we feel how we want to feel when we do realize them.

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