Can you imagine?!?

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I read something recently that has stayed with me and has me feeling curious and expansive about the future.

It went something like this:

Can you see that your life now is better than what you were dreaming about a few years ago?

Which means what’s coming in the next few years is going to be better than what you’re dreaming about now.

Hmmm. What do you think about that? I had to sit with it a bit and actually think it through.

What was I dreaming about a few years ago? And is that true that life is “better” now? 

Yes – I think it’s true.

One of my dreams from a few years ago was when I working primarily with one person, partnering inside her business and building coaching programs together to make a difference in the world. It was a new and exciting time, and I was dreaming of growing our programs and reaching more and more people! Honestly,
my dreams felt pretty expansive!

What I have going on now is growing three businesses that I am creating and co-creating with partners – one who is also my life partner – how fun is that!

And at the heart of all of it is what I have come to understand as my true gifts and drive  – to help people truly accept and be yourself and bring your dreams to life in your own way!

And wow – if what I’m dreaming of now, is actually an opening for something even better – how awesome is that?

This idea makes me want to dream even bigger!

In many ways we are only limited by our ability to imagine and by our beliefs in the past, in what we know. So how can you find ways to open your imagination even more?

Creative writing and visualization is one idea. Write out a story of your life from today forward in a playful and creative way.

Once upon a time, there was me… reading a blog that awoke an idea…

There are countless ways for you to spark your imagination. Here are some that come to my mind, but seeing as I am talking about the limitations of our imaginations, I would love to hear from you! 

  • You could take a class you have been wanting to take – painting, pottery, a new language, cake decorating, swimming, drumming… what comes to you? 

    Any kind of creative exploration asks you to expand your imagination.
  • You can make a new recipe for dinner – something you have never considered making before.
  • You can go out to a new restaurant and try a new cuisine.
  • You could try out a new vegetable every month and make it a different way each week.
  • You could wear a color you never wear.
  • Or walk in a neighborhood you have never ventured into before.
  • You could sing one song out loud every day, even if you “have a terrible voice”.
  • You can try a new tea or that mushroom coffee you may have heard of.

What are some ideas you have? 

In Rob Hopkins’ book From What Is to What If, he tells us the stories of people and communities in different areas of life showing how imagination is changing the way things can be done.

With the energy of the new moon with us today and the Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon starting tomorrow, what is being stirred up in you?

Thinking outside the box is necessary for change. We need others to help us with that. So please share – tell me your ideas, what comes to mind that you could do to help expand your imagination?

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