Change, it is upon us…

The change of seasons is in the air. We spring forward with the time change and subtlety our experience of mornings and evenings has shifted. Daylight comes “later” in the morning and afternoon turns to evening with the sun still shining down on us. Change is constantly happening around us and within us. We become aware of change when we choose to look.

I recently dove a little deeper, looking at my relationship with change. Hannah Marcotti’s beautiful program, Making Space for Surrender, has shown me how to navigate this intersection between acceptance and change. As I surrender and move into change, I am learning to embrace it.

In the past, I have regarded change negatively because it felt like it was always this external force pushed upon me. My ex-husband’s behaviors caused countless changes to be thrust upon us. I found myself just going with the flow of many twists and turns I had no control over. Eventually I made some changes happen myself. I left our marriage. I left my job. Still I relate to even these changes as having happened to me. I went to nutrition school. I started my own business. These are major changes that I created, but still I don’t own them. I act as if my life is happening to me, like I am a passenger unable to steer. I merely navigate the bumps and curves I find myself traveling.

It’s so not true, though.

Especially as a single mom, I am initiating all of the changes for myself and my son. I changed our eating habits over the years and changed the bedtime routine to include reflecting on what we are grateful for. I changed our home by finally bringing my dog back to us. I will possibly change his school next year. Our lives will change in countless ways when my boyfriend and I figure out how to marry and blend our families together into one home. These are all changes I have initiated. They are good and yet I still find myself considering “change” to be a scary thing. I am working on redefining “change” in my vocabulary to be a fun activity.

This weekend, we are going to change the furniture around in our house. We will talk about what we want to change in our lives and start to make it happen!

Sometimes you need to start with making a small change to give yourself the momentum to make the larger ones.

Join me this April in making a change to your eating habits. We’ll spend 10 days together, online, discovering a new, healthy way to eat. Sign up for Eating Clean for Spring and make a fun, positive change in your life!

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