Closing 2019: Reflections on Your Year

As the last few days of 2019 fly by and the celebrations for the turn of the year and decade are upon us, let’s not forget to recognize the closing of the year. It can be easy to rush into the new planners and new commitments and goals without taking the important step of acknowledging the progress we have made and the challenges we have faced. There is value in taking time to reflect on what we created and achieved in the past year as well as what was hard and didn’t quite go as planned. In both the celebrations and the disappointments, we can find lessons from which we grow and build upon in the coming year.

I invite you to find some time in the next couple of days to create a space for quiet reflection to connect with yourself and answer these questions as you look back on the past twelve months.

What are you proud of creating or accomplishing in 2019?

What is something you learned about yourself along the way?

What was a bigger challenge than you expected in this past year?

What did you learn from the challenges?

What are you ready to forgive or release from 2019?

What are you grateful for from 2019?

When you feel complete with these questions, take a moment to sit and read through what you wrote. What needs to be done to release or forgive whatever came up for you with that question? You can write a simple sentence or two on a piece of paper describing this and let it go up in flames (in a safe place) or visualize releasing a helium balloon into the sky with whatever you want to let go of.  If it feels good, you can share these reflections with someone you trust or send me an email at Acknowledging your growth to yourself alone is a gift, but sometimes sharing it with others can feel empowering as well.

With this closure of 2019, we can step into the space of creation in the first weeks of 2020. Allow yourself to ease into the year with closing practices such as this exercise as well as the physical clearing and cleaning of the holiday celebrations and whatever else is ready to be cleared.

Enjoy this introspective time and celebrate all that you have accomplished in your life.

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