Completion with Compassion

As the year winds down and we look to 2017 with wild anticipation and excitement for all the changes we can make and all the new we can create, it’s important to take a moment and complete on 2016. As I started focusing on this idea, the phrase Completion with Compassion was resonating in my head. Compassion for all that transpired or didn’t this year. Compassion for the ups and downs. Compassion for the challenges, the hard lessons and the wins alike.

Sometimes we can want to push aside a year that perhaps was harder than expected or brought disappointments as if it was the year’s fault and if we can just move past it, we will be on to greater things. Yes, there is truth in energetically bringing closure to different periods of our lives, but to slam the door behind us without learning from the experiences will doom you to repeat the lessons until you finally gain the wisdom intended for you.

With that in mind, pull out your journal, your calendar from 2016 and set aside some time for completion with compassion.

1 – Looking back on a monthly basis, what were some important moments for you in 2016? Did you make any big changes? Take any trips? Start a new habit or ritual?

Both big and little shifts came together in the life you created this past year. What worked for you? What didn’t?

2 – As you look at the many different areas of your life, reflect on these questions:

What are you grateful for?

How did you grow in this area in 2016?

What’s next that you are excited to shift or create?

Choose five to ten of the areas of life listed below to focus on or come up with categories that are more personal to you.

Are there any areas of your life you feel you neglected or areas you excelled at this year?

Be sure to write at least one thing you are grateful for and acknowledge one accomplishment in each area you choose.

3 – Taking it all in, what lessons did you learn in 2016? What will you take forth in your life as you move forward into 2017?

Completion with compassion allows you to move beyond 2016 with gratitude, awareness and intention. All good things leading you to conscious creation in 2017!


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