Construction ahead…

Traveling through Denver International Airport recently, I was struck by all the construction and renovations going on everywhere. I’ve been to the airport four times now in the past 3 months, and it doesn’t seem to be wrapping up anytime soon.

In some parts of the airport, temporary walls hide the “changes coming” from our eyes until they are ready to be revealed in their complete states.

The work is happening behind the scenes. Deconstruction, cleaning up –  rebuilding and renovation – decoration, touching up, and voila a new version of a space we once knew is revealed.

In other areas of the airport, too central to be cloistered, the public is offered a slight apology of “Please excuse our mess while we remodel.” The inner workings of escalators are laid out exposed to the world. No hiding the cables not yet attached and the stationary steps not yet able to become what they are meant to be…

This part of the renovation is happening out in the open for all to see. We can witness it all – the mess, the progress, and eventually the final product!

Real life with the growth and changes we go through can feel a bit more like the escalator renovation. Raw and exposed. The world watching as we shed away what doesn’t work and take our time building our new way in the world.

Our mess is exposed and we don’t know how long the process will take.

The good news is – nothing is wrong, you are just changing. You are in the messy middle and you are on your way to who you are becoming next. Your renovation is ongoing. Your “mess” is not only excused, it is welcome!

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