Is How you Eat in Alignment with Who You Are?

We all must eat. It’s a fact of life. And for most of us, we are the ones responsible to feed ourselves and maybe even others, at least for some of the time. Even when you are whisked away on an all-inclusive vacation, you still are the one choosing what to serve yourself from the overflowing buffet spread out in front of you. Yes, every day, several times each day we must feed ourselves and keep our bodies hydrated. It is part of the experience of life!

Eating is about nourishing your body. It is so much more than simply taking in calories. My question for you today is:

Who do you want to be in the way you feed yourself?

Take some time to really think about this. What is your intention in how you feed yourself and your family? How do you want to take care of your body? How do you want to feel – both from the food you eat and in the way you feed yourself?

Intentions are different than goals. Intentions drive your actions by pulling you forth to who you want to be. Allow yourself to really reflect on this. Make a list of your most commonly made or purchased meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Think about how you feel about serving and consuming each of the meals.

For example, I have been buying prepared meatballs from the store lately because they are easy, I know my son will eat them, and he can take leftovers to school or camp too. But honestly when I think about that as one of my dinner options (meatballs, usually with zucchini or salad, and whatever kind of pasta we have), I am not thrilled. I feel like it is an option I allowed myself to fall back on when school was busy. I know I could very easily make my homemade meatballs and freeze them if I gave myself an hour on a Sunday, and I would be more “proud’ of that meal than the store meatballs. Then there is a Pad Thai recipe I make that everyone loves. It has several veggies, eggs and tofu. It is always a favorite at my house as well as with different dinner guests I’ve made this for. It takes a little longer to prep, but I am always so happy to make it and feel like I am serving my family a wholesome nourishing meal.

Who I am being when I serve them the Pad Thai vs. the store-bought meatballs feels very different. I want to be the mother who is more creative and present for my family to make the Pad Thai. The (minimal) extra effort it would take for me to make a batch of meatballs every two weeks or so and freeze them is also more in alignment with my intention to feed my family and myself with healthy whole-food meals that I prepare with love. This feels so clear when you give yourself the space to think through it for a bit. Go through this process for your top 10 (or however many) meals you make or eat from a restaurant regularly.

Becoming aware of who you want to be in the way that you feed yourself is the beginning step in Your Eating Clean Journey. We all have different habits set in place already about how we feed ourselves. Some of these are ingrained in us from the way we were brought up and some may be more recently developed patterns based on convenience or our environment. There is no wrong way to eat. There is only your own journey to how to feed yourself in a way that allows you to truly be your best self – inside and out.

Here is my Pad Thai recipe. I hope you love it! You’ll find the preparation moves quickly so have all your ingredients ready to go before you get started. Enjoy!


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