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Embrace the process.

Embrace your heart-centered growth.

June 2024

For the month of June, our theme will be:

We will be finding simple ways to practice completion throughout the month and exploring how our energy can be lost on loose ends that have not yet come to completion.

Do you have that one (or more) area in your house or pile on the counter or overflowing box of incomplete stuff? Things we have to follow up on or want to read through when we have more time? What about things you know you have to remember or get back to that are living inside your mind?

This clutter – physical, mental, and emotional does so much more than take up literal space in our worlds, it actually depletes you of your energy every time you see or think of what is incomplete.

When we can bring things to completion in our lives and acknowledge that we are complete with it, whether that is a whole project, a phase of a project, one specific task, or a situation that we keep thinking about, we are opening up space and energy in our lives. 

The steps needed to complete something is one piece of it, but then there is the acknowledgement part – when you can give yourself the experience of the energetic completion and celebration. 

This month, I want to explore what are the loose ends in our lives that we can give a bit of our energy to consciously, so that we can complete it, acknowledge it is done, and close that energetic leak. And sometimes, completion can mean allowing yourself to let something go, even if it is not “done.”

As we begin the month, simply look around your home or office and notice what may be incomplete. Without judgement, notice what feelings come up when you see or think of this incomplete experience. Start a list of the incompletions you find. Try to bring some playfulness to it – maybe make a “Not Done” list instead of a “To Do” list.

Below is our private group call, exploring our theme of Completion for June 2024. (recorded June 6, 2024)

Below is our private group call with Deanna for June 2024. (recorded June 20, 2024)

Envision 2024 Halfway Point Check-In (recorded June 28, 2024)

Links to the 4 parts of our day and the journal are below.

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