Embrace you.

Embrace your dreams and goals.

Embrace the process.

Embrace your heart-centered growth.

May 2024

For the month of May, our theme will be:

We will be exploring and identifying how we want to feel in our lives today and how we think we will feel once we reach the dreams and goals we are currently working toward.

Watch the video below for more about how we can start to experience our desired feelings today as we move along on our paths to our vision.

This is the crux of how to make change happen. Stepping into the experience we want NOW. If we wait until we get “there” to feel how we want to feel, that day may never come. Not because we won’t achieve a certain outcome, but because if we are reinforcing the behavior patterns that we don’t want along the way to where we want to go, we are bringing those behavior patterns with us.

So if you want to feel proud of yourself, for creating your dreams and goals, how can you feel proud today?

Our goals are so much more than the outcome itself.

As we begin the month, take some time to get quiet in a way that feels energizing to you – that can be in a classic sitting meditation, going for a walk, stretching your body, listening to calming music – whatever it is for you, our aim is to let go of the noise and tune in to your inner knowing. 

As you listen, ask yourself these questions:

1 – What are you excited to change or create in your life right now?

2 – What does this look like, in detail? Write whatever comes to you about what your life will look like once this change is made or this new creation is alive in the world.

3 – How do you imagine it will feel to be living the life you described?

4 – Looking at the feelings you named in #3, where do you feel any of these now?

5 – How could you bring these desired feelings to life today?

Send me your thoughts, questions, ideas… whatever comes up for you!

Below is our private group call, exploring our theme of Feelings for May 2024. (recorded May 8, 2024) 

Below is our private group call with Deanna on Somatic Experiencing. (recorded May 29, 2024)

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