Join us on June 28 for Your 2024 Halfway Point Check In
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Let's come together to check in and re-connect to yourself & your vision.

2024 (1080 x 1080 px)

Remember back in January when you started down this path?

You set out a vision for where you were going.

You could see the first few milestones you'd hit along the way...

Have you passed them yet?

Did you celebrate?

Have you remembered to drink your water and take a rest along the way?

Have you taken it all in?

The smell of the trees?

The sounds of nature all around you?

The people on the journey with you?

I hope you haven’t forgotten you didn’t set out on this “2024” path JUST TO reach the top.

Remember you wanted to really take it in...

to have fun!

to feel yourself fully alive, living your life each and every day.

Really experience it... that's the plan!

How has it been going?

Copy of Branches of Life Workbook (1080 x 1080 px)

Let’s take a moment to get re-oriented.

Join us for your 2024

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You will leave this two-hour live workshop…

Here's what you need to know:

We will come together on Friday, June 28 starting at 8am PT/11am ET
for 2 hours (with more time for questions if needed)

We'll be together online in a zoom meeting room.
It will be recorded and shared, if you can't attend live or prefer to watch the recording.


includes: • Envision 2024 Halfway Point Journal
• guided process to reflect and explore
• community of growth-oriented people
• more tools to take away and carry with you thru the rest of the year

Any questions?


Reach out at


Hi, I’m Jessica Bonosoro, Aligned Action Coach

I help entrepreneurs bring those “always-on-the-back-burner” ideas and projects to life so they can grow their business and have days filled with what truly matters to them.

I have a background in building, systematizing, and business operations and an analytical side that loves building workflows, systems, processes, and plans. I’m ALSO a Certified Holistic Coach and trained as a Self-Belief Coach, with over a decade of helping clients get clear about what they want and actually make it happen.

What that means for you:

Part tangible, clear guidance.

Part healing & clearing what's in the way.

Part holding a safe, accepting space for magic to emerge.