Picture this: It is Thanksgiving morning. You are waking up relaxed and
excited for the day’s celebration. Be still, close your eyes and breathe.
Your heart is full of love and gratitude. This year you are so present to all
you have in your life – all the moments, people, and love around you are true gifts.


These are our guides in this exploration.

Each day we will discover a new way to give to others and a new way to receive.
Along the way, we will share what we are grateful for.




Sometimes just the simple shift in focus is all you need to see what is already there.

For 21 days, I will send you a short note with a prompt for the day’s exploration of gratitude.

Come on an exploration of gratitude in your life

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Where will your exploration take you?

34 thoughts on “gratitude: a 21-day exploration

  1. Diane says:

    Grateful for this beautiful morning….woke up to watch the dawn with the moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mars all shining brightly ✨
    Also for my friends funny, witty and inspiring posts on FB….. They make my heart happy and keep me laughing ?
    And for my wonderful acupuncture session with the always loving and healing Teresa ?

  2. Diane says:

    Funny that today’s subject is receiving money. This morning I drove a neighbor to the airport and she handed me $20 for taking her. My instinct is to decline the money but I know she feels better asking me for favors if she can compensate me in some way. So instead of declining her gift I accepted it with gratitude

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