Finding Joy in the Follow Through

I’ve always loved new projects, new ideas, new journals, new books, new moons! The beginning is fun and exciting for me. I am one of those who loves excel spreadsheets, calendars and setting up a plan.

This has served me well in creating different coaching programs over the years. I can lay out a plan of daily actions, steps to meal planning and eating clean, or plot a running or training program on a calendar. All pretty natural for me.

To be honest when this school-from-home thing was thrown upon us last March, I was kind of in my element in getting my son organized (once we could figure out the systems, anyway). Having him follow my laid-out plan was sometimes a challenge (And don’t get me started on having his dad follow it too on days when Henry wasn’t with me! Ha!) It was a learning process for me to make sure my way of setting up a plan was in sync with Henry’s process. I am a list person and love my check boxes.

I couldn’t understand when at the end of the day, I would see my written list for his day and there were no check marks in the boxes!  I knew he did most, if not all, of his tasks. Didn’t he know that making that little check mark that was the fun part?!?

Owning that sense of accomplishment, of one more thing done and therefore one less thing to do, is the point of the little box. The celebration – no matter how small – that comes in completing your work is altogether joyful!

Why not allow yourself that joy?

And then, as I look around my house, at my ever-growing stack of new books I am so excited to read, at the almost-done cabinet and bookcase I am building in my living room, at my hole in the ground out back marking where one of the hammock poles will go in when I get to that project, I see that I am my son. And these are things I actually want to do!

I’m sure there are underlying reasons you can dissect about why people put off allowing themselves that sense of accomplishment. What is behind having so many projects going at once that it takes a lot to get to the completion of anything? Or the other extreme of jumping right into the next project as soon as the last is done?

Yes, there is plenty of psychological investigation I can do into why I am not allowing myself to feel the joy in the follow through.


I can simply get to it!

I know I am not alone in this, right? Where are you not allowing yourself to take that last step or maybe the last three steps in a project? What have you accomplished but moved on from too quickly to feel the joy in your success?

Look around your home and your lifestyle – where are the quick wins?

Whether that is in washing those last few items in your sink, reading one chapter, or finishing the last few steps of your new bookcase project (ahem), where can you follow through on something and allow yourself to taste a simple moment of joy?

Stand back and savor your accomplishments.

You deserve it.

p.s. Here’s a glance at my stack of new books!

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