Glimpses of Truth: I am the Sanctuary

As I write this, I am sitting with my laptop open on the desk in front of me and just behind my laptop screen is my desktop screen, turned off and black and serving as a reflection of me. This is perfect as this post is at heart about seeing me. It’s about you seeing you, hearing you and honoring you.

There is so much noise around us. News, social media, the opinions and interests of others… So many points of view to get caught up in. It can be challenging to find a moment of peace, a moment alone with your thoughts, or imagine this – a moment to quiet even your own thoughts.

Through meditation, quiet time in nature, sharing and listening through coaching, and journal writing, I am discovering me amidst the noise around me. I invite you to discover you.

Woman feel freedom and enjoy the beautiful view in the mountains and looking on sunset

Getting Quiet

Meditation has long been on my “to do” list in life. I have practiced different ways through the years, from sitting regularly at the Zen Center in Denver years ago to joining several of Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation series to sitting on my own at home to recently sitting once a week in my Read, Reflect & Write meditation group. As I have grown and am still finding my way with meditation, I have judged myself for fidgeting or being stuck in my thoughts or finding myself at “25” when my practice was supposed to be counting my breath in and out up to 10. The truth is it is a process to get quiet. No one sits and immediately finds the quiet. At least no one I have ever talked to. But there are glimpses of it. And we keep going. We simply keep practicing when it feels good and when it doesn’t.

There is no wrong way to meditate. Literally, you can play with walking meditation, sitting meditation, metta meditation, visual focus meditation with a candle or an image, mantra meditation, mindfulness meditation with your attention on your breathing, chakra meditation, or many guided meditations. Each of these practices will allow you to get quiet in different ways. And from the quiet, you will find you.

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