gratitude: a 21-day exploration day fifteen

giving and receiving

A study I read about concluded that gratitude can foster long-term thinking. Being grateful for all you have today generates patience in relationship to receiving. The study simplified this by determining how much money someone present to gratitude would take today (average of $63) vs. $80 in 30 days. The study participants who were present to being happy or neutral required just $55 today to do without the future $80. Does this mean we are lacking gratitude when we dream of a new house or a new job? I don’t think so. Being grateful for all you have today is a necessary part of attaining new goals. Once we can be where we are without resistance, we open up space and energy for what may come next.

As an experiment of our gratitude, today’s receiving may require some gratitude-induced patience. 😉


Give: a laugh (make someone laugh)

Receive: money

Share: one thing you are grateful for.GRS1

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