gratitude: a 21-day exploration day four

giving and receiving

Share: the ever-important step that allows us to name one thing, detail, person or event that we are thankful for today. Rather than being put on-the-spot at the Thanksgiving meal for the big, we’ve been waiting all year for this proclamation of what you are thankful for, we are expressing one each day. Takes the pressure off and leaves room for some levity, right?

I haven’t specifically instructed this, but I do believe sharing aloud or written for others to see (not only in your own journal) helps your expression of gratitude carry weight. So take a moment to share each day. Share one thing you are thankful for. Share it here or on your FB page; share it aloud to your partner or to an acquaintance. Do take the moment to say aloud, “I am thankful for ….” each day.

Give. Receive. Share. These are our guides.


Give: your attention

Receive: an offer

Share: one thing you are grateful for.GRS1

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