gratitude: a 21-day exploration day nineteen

giving and receivingAs we near the end of our exploration, I want to re-visit our guides: give, receive and share.

Give: Were you aware of conscious giving when the prompt was to give a hug or a prayer? What about when it was to give a tissue? So many simple daily acts are acts of giving. Our mind is what makes the difference in just giving or giving with connection.

Receive: I think the true gift is here. To learn to receive all that we have and all that is given to us enriches every moment of life. I’ve tried to stay aware of the definition we started with: “to assimilate through the mind or senses” as I moved through the prompts. I discovered “absorb” fits as well for me: to absorb a smile, a warm greeting, a hug, being needed. Assimilate through the mind or absorb through the senses.

Share: Just one thing each day, and sometimes, I must admit, depending on my mood at the moment, it could be hard! I would run through the standards in my mind: my son, my boyfriend, my family – too easy… what else was I thankful for? More and more what was coming up for me were my experiences: a day outside hiking, date night, time spent with friends. Experiences far outweigh things I am grateful for.

What have you discovered on your exploration?


Give: a good wish to everyone you meet

Receive: a compliment

Share: one thing you are grateful for.


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