gratitude: a 21-day exploration day seven

giving and receiving

Each day is a gift. There are so many stories that exemplify this. The neighbor who was suddenly in ICU with a 5% chance to live due to a bacterial infection that seemed to be nothing more than a cold. The former coworker who had a seizure only to discover a malignant brain tumor. The uncle who seemingly developed cancer out of nowhere and then was gone. These stories are true, and they are everywhere. Life is a gift. We become hyper aware of this in the aftermath of such stories. In the week after we hear about that friend of a friend who died suddenly, we look out on the world with thankful eyes. We express love and laugh more. But then, life happens. Laundry needs to be done. The kids don’t listen. Work gets busy. And we settle back into our casual existence.

So how do we keep this awareness of the gift of life alive in our minds each day?


That’s what we are doing here in this exploration. Developing the awareness muscle. Giving kindness. Receiving the gifts of each day. Growing gratitude in our hearts.


Give: a hand to hold

Receive: love

Share: one thing you are grateful for.


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