gratitude: a 21-day exploration day sixteen

giving and receiving

What is it that diminishes your gratitude? Can you recognize it? Negativity can creep into our minds so subtly. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a conversation of complaining or criticizing with others. The traffic, the crowds, those political ads – ugh, who wouldn’t complain about these things? Notice how often you find yourself complaining about any little thing. In my health coaching training, we were taught to start each session with the question, “What’s new and good?” To just ask “what’s new?” opens the floodgate for all that is not working for people. Even asking “What’s new and good?” takes some practice for people to get the junk out of their minds and then hit the gold of what really is new and good in their worlds.

Continue to cultivate gratitude in your heart with a promise to stop complaining, gossiping or criticizing yourself and others. Take it on for a day, then two. Be kind with yourself when you notice a slip and simply re-commit.


Give: an offer

Receive: a kiss

Share: one thing you are grateful for.GRS1

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