gratitude: a 21-day exploration day twenty

giving and receiving“Every morning we have 24 brand new hours to live. What a precious gift!” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

One gift I have received during our 21-day exploration is I have awoken each day with the task to reflect on gratitude. Usually I’ll wake with an idea percolating. Sometimes I was even ahead of myself and had written the night before. The first few days I was hard on myself for not having the whole series planned out before I even offered it, but then I found I liked writing this way. It felt very organic. I have enjoyed going to bed with a flutter of an idea or none at all and waking with a few sparks, not knowing where my post would go. What do I want to say about gratitude today?

Today, my sixth-grade teacher said it better than anything I can. Sometimes the not-so-great habit of surfing Facebook in the mornings can unearth gems:

For I Have A Gift
Thanksgiving Reflection

By Christopher Pendergast

I am grateful that my eyes opened this morning,
for I have a gift of life.

I am grateful for the blue sky and the white puffy clouds that dance in the skylight over head,
for I have a gift of sight.

I am grateful for the bluejay that loudly calls from the bird feeder,
for I have a gift of hearing.

I am grateful for my wife lying beside me, my kids about in the world and my delightful grandson,
for I have a gift of family.

I am grateful for all those who help and show concern about me,
for I have a gift of friendship.

I am grateful for the ability to create this story,
for I have a gift of a sound mind.

I am grateful for the amazing brains who invented incredible technology,
for I have a gift of extended living.

I am grateful for the men and women who devote their lives in service to others,
for I have a gift of good medical care.

I am grateful for the ALS ice bucket phenomenon that swept the nation,
for I have a gift of knowing my disease is closer to a cure.

I am grateful for everything that I have endured,
for I have a gift of living with purpose.

Finally, I am grateful to give thanks to God,
for I have a gift of faith.

Even in this imperfect world, I will go to sleep at peace,
for I have a gift of hope.


Give: “Happy Thanksgiving” wishes to anyone you won’t see tomorrow

Receive: your gifts

Share: one thing you are grateful for.



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