gratitude: a 21-day exploration day two

giving and receiving

Let’s take a closer look at our guides: give, receive, and share. Today, we’ll explore the idea of giving.

Much of the time, we feel like we give and give. But to consciously choose to give feels different than the plain, old giving that sometimes feels like it is draining all the energy and life from you. How did it feel to give a smile yesterday? Was it different than just smiling? I know it was for me. To realize in that brief moment of a smile with a stranger or acquaintance, that my smile was actually an act of giving gave me a deeper sense of connection to the other person.

In Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The Law of Giving is the second law. He talks of always giving something each time you come into contact with someone, whether it is flowers or a good wish. And, remember, giving doesn’t have to be material.


Give: a compliment

Receive: a smile

Share: one thing you are grateful for.


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