Gratitude, Always

Over the years I have turned again and again to a disciplined gratitude practice.

It becomes a constant practice for a bit and then it falls away…

I find a new little journal that inspires me and then I forget to write in it every day…

This month I started with posting #30daysofgratitude on social media, but then I was trying to stay off of social media so there went that!

About a week ago, I remembered that practices, no matter how much structure you set them up with at the beginning, are not meant to be perfect. A practice is simply putting your focus and intention behind something you want to cultivate in your life.

30 days and a hashtag are just structures I devised to bring my focus back to my gratitude. It worked. Even on the days I didn’t post, I thought, “Oh, I should have posted that I am grateful for puppy kisses, or for that great coaching conversation, or for the recent texts with long-time friends.

I do have a gratitude practice. And every day is an opportunity to notice again all that there is to be grateful for.

Thank you for reading and listening. This monthly writing of mine has become more of a creative, reflective space than a business tool. I hope it is received with the care and attention I give to it. I think of all of you on the receiving end as I write and send you love.

Happy Thanksgiving Day. Today and always.

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