Are you going through the motions of life but not excited about it?
Where did that vibrant, happy woman you once were go?
Somewhere along your journey from your carefree 20s through your life-building 30s
and even into your 40s,
you lost your self.
So many women do.
It’s okay.
She’s not gone forever.
Let’s find her and this time, grow a life you can love!
It’s time to be nourished.
Here’s your opportunity to make a change!
You can alter the path you’ve found yourself on.
It starts with the awareness, desire and focus to create a truly nourished life.
Through Nourish You you will learn how to move from lack, stress and low energy to a life full of joyful moments, aliveness and gratitude.
Nourish You is the perfect place for you.

For six weeks, we will work in partnership as you focus on different areas of your life and learn tools to nourish yourself in each area. This online program combines introspective journaling, live group coaching calls and time to connect through email and Facebook.

Our six weeks will flow through these topics, weaving together all that you learn as you go forward.

Week 1:  Self-Care: It goes back to the old statement: “Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.” We’ll examine what self-care looks like for you, create a nourishment menu of action steps you can take daily to nourish your life.

Week 2:  Your Vision: With the foundation set of practices that nourish you with love and care in place, we’ll look to see where you want to go. What is your vision of nourished life? Through tools including vision boards, journaling and visioning exercises, you will get back in touch with what you truly desire for your life.

Now that we know where you want to grow, we’ll spend the next four weeks examining several “branches” of your life.

Week 3:  Your Body: Looking at how you nourish your body through both food and movement. Small changes that will feel so simple to make and stick with will bring huge results for you.

Week 4:  Relationships: What’s working? What’s not? Do you crave more connections in your life? Are there relationships that deplete you rather than nourish you? Who are you being in the different relationships in your life? We’ll identify the current “best you” in relationship and develop ways to bring these qualities forth with others?

Week 5:  Your Creativity: Moving beyond your relationships with other people, let’s look inside and tap into your creativity. Creativity is a form of self-expression – it comes out in many ways you may not even be labeling as creativity, but it definitely is. This week you will awaken to all the creativity you have bubbling up from inside you. This is one of the favorite weeks of Nourish You, as creativity and play go hand in hand. What will you discover about your playful and creative side?

Week 6:  Connection with Spirit: In our final week together, we’ll look at you and your nourished life with an even bigger lens. How do you nourish yourself spiritually? This wraps back to self-care as you identify what your spirit needs to be nourished in your day-to-day life. The continual need to nourish yourself is one of the most overlooked aspects in a woman’s life. Over six weeks, Nourish You will teach you how to create a life that feeds your spirit.

Each week will open with an email from me on Sunday diving into that week’s topic with an introduction and exercises for you to begin examining this area in your life.

We’ll gather for a call on Wednesday to share what we’ve uncovered so far, get any questions answered and play with a new exercise to go deeper into the week’s topic.

Live calls will be recorded so if you can’t be on it you can listen at a later time. You will receive an email with the recording and the exercise written out.

On Friday, I’ll be available for “office hours” online in a private FB group and via email (for non-FB users) at a designated time for more Q&A and sharing in a way that is “live” but online.

Weekends are time for you to let your new nourishment skills settle in. Simple suggestions relating to the week’s focus will be your suggested “homework.”

Private groups form with a minimum of three participants.
Email with any questions or if you have a group you’d like to get started soon.

Your investment is $250.



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Words from past participants of Nourish You…

“Nourish You was a great “bootcamp” for the soul in that you packed in a lot of powerful materials, essential tools and stimulating conversation on six key topics over a short stint. Whew, nice job!!! You popped up quite a bit in my gratitude journal over those six weeks. 🙂

Jessica is a tremendous guide along your personal journey to better self-care. Her insights help you think outside the box and find new ways to appreciate your creativity, spirituality and body. She combines a great set of tools with a practical approach that makes everything feel doable and keeps you excited about moving forward. Most importantly, she’s always at your side to help–without being pushy or nagging. Together you can discover and create sustainable ways to build healthy new habits one step at a time.” – Kate, Lafayette, CO

“I loved the Nourish You series. It is one week later and here is what has stuck with me: The week that focused on creativity really resonated with me at this/that time in my life. I still find myself overflowing with creative ideas and acting upon them and it gives me great joy. The well never seems to be dry. I now think of myself as a creative, artistic person. I also wanted to tell you that I liked the way you set up the program. It was great to have the flexibility to either be on the call or listen later and I liked getting your input at the end of the week, if needed, during office hours, your creative and inspired exercises, and the inspirational/intentional emails on Monday and for the weekend. Lastly, I want to let you know that your non-judgmental wisdom was much appreciated and felt throughout the series.  Thank you for putting your whole heart into it.  It showed.” ` Lisa, Longmont, CO

You can alter the path you’ve found yourself on. It starts with the awareness, desire and focus to create a truly nourished life.
Every day.
It’s time for you.
It’s time for joy.
It’s time to be nourished.
Here’s your opportunity!