Grow a Life You Love: Take Care of Yourself

Self-Care and self-love are the soil you grow from.

Trees have always spoken to me. The mountains are majestic, the creeks calming, but, for me, trees always pull my attention in the landscape. I can’t say exactly what it is about trees that calls to me, but I find myself surrounded by them. Images, jewelry, doodles… trees are all around me.

This tree is on the path I run regularly. I always want to stop and take her picture.

But, I was trying to maintain my pace.

Or I just didn’t feel like fumbling with my phone camera.

Then one time, there were too many people around to get a clear shot.

Finally, I did.

Now this image is my wallpaper on my phone, and it makes me happy.

That’s kind of how it goes with self-care. We put it off. Something else seems more important. We just don’t quite have enough time. And then, we make the time. Sometimes it’s an emergency situation that forces us to slow down and take care of ourselves – an illness, an injury. Sometimes it’s when tragedy strikes too close to home and we are shocked with the question of “what if that happened to me?” and suddenly life shifts. We finally make the time, and we wonder why we put it off for so long.

Let’s find a new way.

The world needs us to love and care for ourselves right now.

Take Care of Yourself is a 21-day exploration into connecting with, accepting, loving and caring for you.

Here’s what you will experience in the 21-day Take Care of Yourself Exploration:

Week One: Connection
First, we connect. Say hello and smile. Welcome who you are now. Using mirror work, meditation and journaling, we will re-connect with our current selves.

Week Two: Acceptance
Releasing judgements and giving yourself the gift of forgiveness, we embrace and accept who we are – our true selves. We will go deeper to clear obstacles to self-care and self-love.

Week Three: Self-Love and Self-Care
From a place of knowing and embracing our true selves, love grows. And from that love, we will build self-care practices.  Just as when you are giving care to someone else, you are expressing love – self-care is an expression of love to yourself.

Through practices of mindfulness, meditation, journaling and more, you will gain your own personal understanding of what you need to nourish your self.

You will discover how you may already practice self-care in your life and choose what else you would like to create.

Here is how your 21-day exploration will go:

  • Each week will begin with an invitation for you to explore that week’s focus with an introduction and exercises to get started.
  • You will receive a daily email with inspiration, recorded meditations and exercises, and written journaling prompts to foster your personal exploration.
  • Two calls over the 21-day program (to be recorded) will offer an opportunity to come together for questions and coaching as needed.
  • You will be able to participate in online conversations in a private Facebook group.

Self-care is the foundation of living a full, happy and healthy life.

It is the soil we grow from. Just as a tree can’t grow in soil that lacks nutrients, we need to nourish our selves so we can live fully and grow into the beautiful beings we are meant to be.

What do you need to give yourself to grow?


Words from past participants (of Nourish You)…

“Nourish You was a great “bootcamp” for the soul in that you packed in a lot of powerful materials, essential tools and stimulating conversation on six key topics over a short stint. Whew, nice job!!! You popped up quite a bit in my gratitude journal over those six weeks. 🙂

Jessica is a tremendous guide along your personal journey to better self-care. Her insights help you think outside the box and find new ways to appreciate your creativity, spirituality and body. She combines a great set of tools with a practical approach that makes everything feel doable and keeps you excited about moving forward. Most importantly, she’s always at your side to help–without being pushy or nagging. Together you can discover and create sustainable ways to build healthy new habits one step at a time.” – Kate, Lafayette, CO

“I loved the Nourish You series. It is one week later and here is what has stuck with me: The week that focused on creativity really resonated with me at this/that time in my life. I still find myself overflowing with creative ideas and acting upon them and it gives me great joy. The well never seems to be dry. I now think of myself as a creative, artistic person. I also wanted to tell you that I liked the way you set up the program. It was great to have the flexibility to either be on the call or listen later and I liked getting your input at the end of the week, if needed, during office hours, your creative and inspired exercises, and the inspirational/intentional emails on Monday and for the weekend. Lastly, I want to let you know that your non-judgmental wisdom was much appreciated and felt throughout the series.  Thank you for putting your whole heart into it.  It showed.” ` Lisa, Longmont, CO

You can alter the path you’ve found yourself on. It starts with the awareness, desire and focus to create a truly nourished life.

Every day.
It’s time for you.
It’s time for joy.

It’s time to be nourished.

Here’s your opportunity!


Email if you have any questions.