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So far this year for me has been a new experience. Lots of old beliefs and structures falling away. Lots of self-examination and getting to know who I really am going on here. Lots of mindfulness and meditation allowing me to hear my true voice. I’ve been pushed to find answers about what is important to me and am learning how to stand up and be true to that every day.

I have always been a junkie of self-growth books, blogs, courses – anything that gave me a hint of inspiration, a touch of realness and the hope of a better way to live and be. I can explore deeper into why and examine pieces of my life I may have been running away from, but let’s leave that for another time. Today I want to share some things I have learned recently.

Be here now. (aka mindfulness)

Again. This lesson is coming through to me once again. I claimed this as my personal motto years ago. It is continually circling back to me, teaching me at yet another level. And it can be scary. Be here now opens up a space of vulnerability I both crave and fear. It allows me to feel the love around me and to feel the pain and struggle. Being here now brings connection to the here and now. And it’s not always calm and happy. To be here now in the struggles with my son over homework is challenging. To be here now with the fear of building this business in my new vision of it is humbling. To be here now in the arms of a man who loves me more than I have ever felt shakes my heart up through to my throat. To be here now gives me stillness in the rain. To be here now calms my mind when I sit in meditation or lay on the crystal bed. To be here now is all we ever have. I embrace all of it.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in London and had the amazing experience of seeing James in concert. You may know the band James from their most popular U.S. album – Laid back in the 1990s. My boyfriend is a huge fan since seeing them live in Denver back in 2010. I’m so glad he went that night. The experience was so much more than a concert. Carter got us VIP tickets, which meant we got to go in to the sound check a couple of hours before the show and witness the eclectic group of musicians play up close and personal. Tim Booth is the lead singer – I feel so at a loss in describing these men. I have listened to their music for only the past decade or less, but there is so much more to them than that, so rather than try to give you names and descriptions of the band and its many members, let me just share with you what I took away from the experience. If you want to get to know James better, which I highly recommend, go here.

James - sound check

The whole experience felt like a philosophy lesson. At the band’s q&a at the sound check, they opened up about songwriting and how the stories in the songs can come true in unexpected ways (visioning) and the nature of their performances being a work in progress (don’t let fear of imperfection stop you). The banter between the musicians showed their genuine love and respect for each other and their music. It was an honor to be there.

During the show, there was one moment as they wrapped up Sometimes when the crowd kept on singing the main line, “Sometimes when I look in your eyes, I see your soul.” For several minutes we all were singing and the band – they stood on stage and watched us. They were all so present, looking out into the audience, smiling and taking it all in. Receiving the love. It was transforming to be present to such connection and presence.

So, yeah…james

  • Do what you love.
  • Because why the f*#k not?!?
  • Who cares if it’s not perfect.
  • Connect with people.
  • And most vividly: be here now.

What I am coming to understand is the singular importance of growing a life I love!

Life is always changing. What was important to me three or five years ago may have shifted. What I knew was the “right” answer before I had kids has changed (nearly monthly) since I became a mom. Growing a life you love is a commitment to be who you are today and welcome who you grow
into tomorrow. It requires paying attention so you know when to change course. It requires moving through fears and not getting stopped (for too long)
by them. It requires a love for yourself, lots of letting go and good old-fashioned action.

What does growing a life you love mean to you? I invite you to explore the idea. Leave a comment or send me an email at

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