Happy Summer Solstice!

It’s been heating up for a while now and finally, it’s official! Summer is here! The solstice is upon us. On this longest day of light, I invite you to feel and see the lightness and possibilities of life all around you. The season of freedom is here. Even if you are not directly involved in school schedules anymore, summer means freedom for so many of us! What will you do with your summer? Take a moment to sit back and look into your future.  What do you want to feel this summer? What do you want to learn? What memories do you want to create? What will you set in motion today to make this summer be all you want it to be?

I’ve been teaching how to build a “Mind – Body – Spirit – Play” Summer Plan this year. We have ours posted at home and have already been letting our goals and ideas drive the actions we take each day. Take a moment on this longest day of sunlight and ask yourself: “How do I want to grow my mind, my body and my spirit this summer? How do I want to play?”

Mind is about engaging your brain – ideas like reading a certain number of books or hours/day, Library Reading Challenges, learning about a new topic or skill you are interested in

Body is movement and food focused – ride your bike 100 miles this summer, go on a walk five days/week, discover five new trails, five new playgrounds, try a vegetable or fruit each week, start your day with green smoothies

Spirit is connecting with your own inner spirit and/or whatever you connect to on a larger scale (nature, the universe, a specific God, Buddha). Ideas here are stillness (sitting quietly, even for 5 minutes and focusing on a candle) or with one hand on your heart and one on the belly to feel the flow of breath through the body, meditation, mindfulness exercises like coloring, drawing, puzzles, mazes, connect with the natural world with the moon cycles – so many fun ideas!

Play – anything fun: outings, game nights, backyard fires with roasting marshmallows, playing Xbox with the kids, building cardboard forts, beach days, bike rides, swimming, dancing, an evening walk as a scavenger hunt

Create a bulletin board with your ideas and goals in each of the four areas. Make it playful with pictures cut out from magazines and words that describe how you want to feel. Visioning your summer is the first step in making it become a reality.

In setting your goals, make them specific and achievable. (there’s a whole philosophy of S.M.A.R.T. goals , but simply – specific and achievable works here).

Use the next few days to get clear and committed on your summer plans. Time can go by so quickly. It’s up to each of us to truly give our focus to our lives if we want to grow a life we love!

If you are looking for support in achieving your summer goals, join us in Nourish You – a women’s online coaching program. Together we will work in partnership as you focus on different areas of your life and learn tools to nourish yourself in each area. We start on Sunday, June 25.

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