Healthy Living on Vacation takes Work!

I am heading out for a week-long trip to South Dakota. We’ll be starting the week with three boys and two mamas camping and then meeting up with my boyfriend, his kids and mom in Deadwood. It’s going to be a week of outdoors, exploring, and I’m sure a bit of chaos!

Right now I’m in laundry, packing, pulling out the camping gear, food prep – mode. Oh, and there’s the lawn that had to be mowed before we left, emails that need to be written, arrangements for the house and the dog to be made, and I always feel compelled to clean the entire house before a trip too! Long story short – the freedom of hitting the road takes a lot of prep and planning!

And I know it’s worth it!

When we pull out of the driveway and I can stop going through lists in my mind, the ease of vacation will begin to hit me. When we get camp set up and can easily start on the evening’s dinner because we prepped and froze our meals by day, I will relish in the absence of the question of “what’s for dinner?” When we start our first morning waking up in nature, I will have a deeper level of peace knowing my camping-partner mama and I are supporting each other in taking the time to meditate or have some quiet time on our own each morning.

I see the peace and adventure coming my way as the piles of clothes to be packed are spread across my bed. The planning is part of the adventure too. Knowing what you want to include in your days – be it quiet time, exploration or a particular meal – is the only way to make it happen. Knowing your vision for your life, for your summer, for your vacation, for your day is the first step in making it happen.

What is your vision for your life? What is your vision for your summer? What is your vision for your vacation? What is your vision for your day?

Decide and then choose moment by moment to take action in the direction of your dreams!

Visit me over at The Balance Tree’s Facebook page as I shine the light on some moments of our trip this week. Hope you are loving life wherever you are!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined. ~Henry David Thoreau

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