Hello November!

Here we are on November 1st! How did that happen?

It feels like it’s been a long time coming and also kinda snuck up on me this year.

I think the combination of an exhaustingly long election season and continued summer-like weather in Colorado has thrown me off a bit. But, here we are with just two months left in 2016. Two months that typically get written off as far as setting new goals or starting new projects. Our attention in November seems to shift to the holidays and looking ahead to the next year. Let’s slow down a bit and allow these last 61 days of 2016 to make an impact.

First, take a quick look back.

What were your goals, resolutions, or intentions for 2016?

Do you choose a word of the year to guide you in your actions?

Do you even remember what was going on and who you were in January 2016?

Looking back to my journal from January 2, 2016, I am reminded that one of my goals was to “do what I say I will do.” That’s what got me started in creating and adding this “how we spend our days” page to my planner. From the beta version of a simple page of graph paper to a fun, creative outlet for me to design, this page has really helped keep me on track and aware of who I want to be and what I say I will do every (or most) days.

Click to download your own November “How I spend my days…” page

Over the year, I’ve included many different action steps that have helped me grow. Here are some:

  • gratitude journal
  • 15-minute morning journaling
  • run
  • daily vitamin
  • acknowledge all I have and am creating
  • weight training
  • special time with Henry (my son)
  • Increasing Abundance jar challenge
  • Tuli training (my puppy)
  • daily apple cider vinegar drink
  • 15 minutes of reading
  • meditate

What are you able to commit to in November that will support you in completing your goals and intentions of 2016?

I invite you to use the last two months of 2016 to complete your year powerfully and without judgement. If you set out to manifest a new job or relationship and that didn’t yet come to be, don’t get down on yourself and judge that you “failed.” Completion may not look exactly as you expected it to when you set out back in January. Keep going and make the most of these last two months!


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