How to Grow a Life you Love: Time for Reflection

Last week I wrote about growing a life you love and discovering for myself (again and again) the importance of this in my own life. Growing a life you love is a commitment to be who you are today and welcome who you grow into tomorrow. It requires paying attention so you know when to change course. It requires moving through fears and not getting stopped (for too long) by them. It requires a love for yourself, lots of letting go and good old-fashioned action.

So how do we do this? How do you “grow a life you love”?

First you need to know what the elements of a life you love would be. What would that life look like? A journaling exercise I love to do myself and regularly give to my clients early in our coaching together is to write out your ideal day. What would you do? Who would be there? How do you feel in this day? This exercise is a way to become aware of what is important to you. What are your values?

When I write about my ideal day, I have moments of ease and play with my son; I have time to write and read peacefully on my own; I exercise, connect with my partner, socialize with friends and family. I have time to be a coach and leader of my online programs. I create content for The Balance Tree. I take care of myself with time spent at the Community Holistic Health Center. When I look at this, I can easily identify what is important to me.

From here you pick apart your vision and identify the areas of life that are important to you. I like to see them as branches on your own balance tree.Your Balance Tree 1 (2)

There are so many areas of life we can focus on. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the many branches of my life and the seeming need to “work on” all of them at once. But it’s important not to judge and be too hard on yourself in this process. You are opening up and discovering what it is you want to create in life. Growing a life you love requires that you start with being aware of what you have now. If where you are now is not working for you, simply take note. Looking at how you live today is the first step.

Draw your own Balance Tree – it is unique to each person. Picture a large, full tree growing with its many branches, each branch representing a different area of life. There is a branch for relationships, off of which grows family, partner, and friends. Another branch for your body, with smaller branches growing off of it for nutrition/food, movement and TLC. Another for your creativity, your spirituality, your home, your finances… Branches can be added as life grows and changes. We each have a unique Balance Tree just as our lives are unique. Take some time to reflect and draw your Balance Tree.

Once your own branches are identified, the next steps are to look at each one and create an action plan to grow it as you have envisioned it. If you’d like coaching through this process, check out my Healthy Living with Ease coaching programs. I’d love to work with you to help you grow a life you love! Email me to sign up for a free Health Visioning Strategy session.

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