I am me

As a child, a teen, and even as a young adult, I had no idea who I was. I didn’t have a strong personality or a passion for a certain sport or activity by which I defined myself. I was a good student, average popularity, and generally “nice.” Not much I could grab a hold of and say “this is Jessica!” In fact, I’d say for a lot of those years, I didn’t want anyone to notice me much at all. I still get a little red in the face when all eyes are on me.

But as I’ve grown up and found myself in situations where I’ve had to make tough choices, who I am at my heart-and-soul-level has shown me which choices to make, and she has never let me down.

I have found that I am a connector. I love to create connections in the world – places to physically connect, words to connect our stories, gatherings that foster connection. I have so many ideas in my head from the simple regularly scheduled potluck dinner, to a family game night, a monthly school hike, or my favorite (coming soon!) a give-receive-share group where you give a meal one week, receive one the next and come together to share one on the third week. I am a creator of connections.

In my business, I love leading people to find out what works best for them in creating a happy, healthy life. It is different for everyone. Food choices affect each body differently. The many options of exercise can energize or exhaust you. Meditation is wonderful but we each have to find a way to practice that works for us. Our own explorations with our food, our bodies, and our routines are the only ways to discover what nourishes our lives. I am a life explorer.

Writing has been a part of my life since the long ago days of a diary with a little golden key. I also remember creating elaborate rubber band patterns around my diary so I’d know if anyone unbound it and read my deepest thoughts. Apparently I am very private as well. Written words helped me to first express to anyone about an assault I experienced at a young age. Written words in my journals have been my therapy to process many stages of my life. When I am feeling overwhelmed, chances are my regular morning routine of journaling has been disrupted. I find wisdom through words.

In listening over the years, I now know: I am spiritual; I am inquisitive; I am wise; I am funny; I am powerful. I am me.

During my Nourish You program recently, my son suggested one evening that the next program I create should be called “getting to know you.” At times he can provide such perfect insight and wisdom – I love it!

I invite you to get to know who you are. Join me for an exploration of you in a half-day workshop: Embracing All Aspects of Your True Self. I am leading this workshop with Monica King. Monica (Modern Curandera) is an Indigenous Latina Medicine Woman with a passion for healing and stirring people to come alive. She brings 16 years of experience in Integrative Medicine from 13 countries, combining the sciences of herbal medicine, nutrition, yoga, & dance with energy medicine. We are offering the workshop on December 13 or January 10. Sign up here.

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