I’m Uncomfortable

I woke up with these words ringing in my head, and I realized yes, it is true.
This is how I have been feeling most often lately.

Uncomfortable with the environment around me
Uncomfortable with a new realm of work I am taking on
Uncomfortable with family dynamics
Uncomfortable when I think of the new at-home school year starting for my son next week
Uncomfortable with my own inner dialogue
Uncomfortable with how to start building my own dreams again

I can feel it in my pulse.

I am glad to have this clarity of the word “uncomfortable.” The past few days as this feeling has been more and more unavoidable, I was naming it fear or anxiety or maybe even depression, in my head.

Uncomfortable fits. Uncomfortable is a clue that something is happening. It is a sign of change. And with change comes growth.

So now that I know, and maybe you can identify with this feeling too, what do you do when uncomfortable keeps showing up?

This is what I know works for me.

First, take a breath and just let the awareness of what you are feeling actually register with you. So many times, the inkling of an awareness will quickly be followed by distraction. Whether that is picking up the phone to check whatever…FB, news, the same email account you just looked at on your computer…or heading to the fridge. So instead of taking that escape route – or when you notice you just took it – come back to your self and gently notice the discomfort.

In mindfulness, there is a teaching, aimed at kids, but it works for us all – Name it to Tame it.  When feelings are whirling around inside they can feel out of our control, but when you can name what is happening for you, you start to feel a little more grounded in your own skin. Your nervous system calms down. When I was naming this current feeling of mine as fear, anxiety, or depression, that didn’t really fit. But when I named it “uncomfortable” that immediately brought me a sense of ease. It doesn’t take away the feeling entirely, but it gives a little space, some perspective that can lessen the overwhelming experience of the emotion itself.

Now that I can name what I am feeling as “uncomfortable,” it is kind of exciting. As they say you have to get out of your comfort zone to experience something new in life. I know we have all been thrown out of our comfort zones these past five months in many ways, but magically we’ve adapted even to this. Yes, some of the uncomfortableness is downright awful, AND I can see that some of it for me is actually growth happening in the present moment.

I have been listening to a meditation recently, which poses this question:  “Can I give myself the power of courage and willingness to take things on whether they are uncomfortable or not?”

Yes, I can. And I know you can too!

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