Initiating Change

With each new moon comes the energy of starting again. We are invited to set intentions for this next cycle of the moon. Sometimes we can be in a place of creating brand new intentions, or maybe setting your next level intentions of an initiative you are already committed to. In some cycles, the new moon is a wake-up call for the intention you may have set last month or even the last several that just hasn’t taken hold yet. That’s okay too.

What do you do after setting your intentions?

“Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare.” ~ Japanese proverb

As a person who has spent a good deal of her life in the “daydream” state when it comes to building my passionate work in the world, it is feeling really good (and scary) as I start to apply the From Vision to Fulfillment process in this area of my own life.

Begin with identifying where you are now and where you want to be (in one month, three months, one year, 5 years) in all areas of your life from healthy body, connection to spirit, money flow, career, relationships, and more. You can choose just one area of life to focus on, but I usually recommend a mix of two or three areas for each quarter. Set a positive intention for who you want to be in these areas of your life. Last year, I took on the area of Healthy Body in a big way. My intention was “I feel strong and confident in my body.” This lit me up much more than saying I want to lose 20 pounds.

Next, list all your desires of what you want to be, do, create, receive or have in each area of your life. Allow yourself to really dream here. This is the playful part. Don’t edit yourself as you write. Simply allow all your dreams and “crazy” ideas to be recorded.

With all of these possibilities in front of you, look back through your list and tune in to how you feel as you read each idea. What feels like it is up next for you? Really listen to your intuition as you review your list. So many times we take on goals we think we “should’ do, not those we are inspired by. For years and years, I had “start meditating regularly” on my list. Many times I would set that as an objective but it never quite took. Finally after accepting I wasn’t actually making meditation a priority in my life, I let it go, and I’d say within the next year I started practicing again. Now I meditate most days, usually just for 15 minutes, but the consistent practice is such a gift in my life. One of the best parts of my week is leading a meditation class at One Being Wellness Revolution in Lafayette. I bet if I kept forcing myself to take this on, I never would have!

From your list find two ideas for this month. Identify which life areas they are in (home, love, play & fun, and community are some more areas). Did you write an intention for those areas? Does this goal align with your intention of who you want to be? Work with your intention and how to focus your goal so you can see a connection between the two. Going back to my Healthy Body intention of “I feel strong and confident in my body,” one of my specific goals was “I work out more than 175 times in 2019.” Can you see how working towards and accomplishing that goal was in alignment with my intention?

Once you feel committed to your intention and your specific goals, what is the first step you need to take towards that goal? When will you take it? What’s the next step after that? When will you take it? What’s the next step after that? See how this works?

The process of taking your intention from its initial seed vision to fulfillment takes committed action, a plan, and accountability. Don’t forget to acknowledge your accomplishments along the way! Appreciating ourselves for our wins – big and small – is a huge part of success.

What are the big dreams you are committing to in your life?

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