Lessons from Africa: Watch the Sunrise

1 am1 sunriseI received an amazing gift of spending eight days in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa this summer, witnessing the earth, the sky, the sun, the moon and so many amazing animals simply existing in nature. As I have been processing my experience and integrating back into life in Colorado for a few weeks now, so many lessons are coming through. Watch the sunrise embodies the essence of my many lessons.

Our days at Zulu Nyala, the game lodge we stayed at for six of our eight nights in the area, fell into a pattern of early morning rising for a 6:00 am game drive on the reserve’s land, some downtime mid-day and then a second game drive in the afternoon or evening. A couple of days we went off property, but for the majority of the days, this was our routine. It was bliss.

We simply observed the world we found ourselves in. The animals were all around us, existing together, traveling the land, eating, drinking, sleeping and playing. In our own way, we as guests on the reserve fell into a similar routine of eating, traveling with our own herd, drinking, sleeping and playing.

For a long time in my life, I have held the mantra Be Here Now in my heart and my mind, striving to take on those words in the midst of parenting, coaching, learning, playing, cooking dinner – all of it. I won’t try to say it’s been easy, but I have improved slowly. My time in Africa was a crash course in Being Here Now.

In those eight days of game drives, I became more and more present to the joys of simply living and being. Back in Colorado, this has been my work of the past few weeks – tapping into the sense of wonder, of presence, of stillness that felt so natural while sitting in the back of an open-air vehicle thousands of miles from home.


I haven’t quite been awake for all the Colorado sunrises since I returned, but I am loving the changing light in my home as the sun gets higher in the sky each morning. Our observations are special and add to our being present no matter where we are.

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