Life is Movement

Beginning way back when we were in our mother’s belly, movement meant life. “Have you felt the baby move yet?” expecting mothers are asked. Those internal flutters brought joy and amazement each and every time they are felt. Infants are applauded when they can roll over and start crawling. Once they have mastered crawling and then walking, we continue to rejoice as children grow and move in new and exciting ways – riding a bike, kicking a ball, climbing a tree. Each stage of movement is celebrated.

And then, at some point, we stop. We stop moving. We stop celebrating. We stop rejoicing in the movement of our bodies. When does this happen exactly? And why? Why do we shift from running and playing and being physically active as a regular practice to only being active when it fits into our schedule and we have the “right” clothes or “right” shoes or “right” program in place? Why is it that what was once so joyful for us can turn into such a hassle?

Well, we grow up, right? Life changes from after school playgrounds to hanging out at the mall to meeting for a drink to Must See TV to too much to do and suddenly we are years, perhaps decades from our last visit to the gym or yoga class and we feel too old, too out of shape, or (and?) too tired to get started again. But, you know what? Getting started is the hardest part – until you do it!

I recently had a client tell me she was amazed at how “easy” it suddenly seemed to be exercising three times a week regularly when a few months earlier she couldn’t even get one workout on her schedule. What changed? First, she got in touch with why this was important to her. And then she got started simply moving her body one day at a time.

Sometimes what we need most is to do what we keep putting off.

One reason why movement is so celebrated when we are younger is that it represents growth. Our bodies develop and change rapidly when we are younger. Movement helps to facilitate that growth and is also a visual marker of change. As we are older our development isn’t so apparent in terms of suddenly learning to crawl or walk, but our internal state is still changing and movement facilitates that too. Have you ever been in a bad mood and gone for a walk? At first your mind is ruminating about whatever the upset is about, and then, at some point on your walk you feel lighter, your mind is more open, your bad mood has been released and all is right with the world again. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we miss being physically active until we experience it again. Movement feeds our spirit as well as our physical body.

girls_walking_8_32How do we get back to the experience of joy and excitement with moving our bodies?

Start by simply going for a walk every day. Ten minutes at first, then 15, then 20… As you walk, engage your senses with your surroundings. Feel your hips move. Experience your feet landing on the ground. Breathe in the fresh air of springtime.

What will you commit to this week to move your body more? Comment below to create some accountability for yourself to get moving!


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