Look into the Future

When I first start out with each of my coaching clients, we do a visioning exercise looking in to the future three or six months to vision where they want to be at that point in time. At different times of the year, this exercise lines up really nicely, ending in December, coincidentally at a client’s birthday, or some other fitting time period. In a session I held this week, three months took us right to the end of the summer vacation. From the end of May to the end of August – that’s summer vacation for kids out here in Colorado, so this particular health visioning session awakened summer dreams for both me and my client.

So many times, we look back at the end of a season and feel like it went by so quickly. We can find ourselves reflecting that, “We never did get up to the mountains this winter” or only went camping that one weekend all summer long. Well, now is your chance to go forward in time and get conscious about what you want to experience over these next three months.

Sit quietly and start by getting present in where you are today. Memorial Day weekend is just about here. The weather is starting to stay warm more consistently. You may have already shifted your foot ware, freeing your toes from those socks and letting them see the light of day in your sandals! Freedom is in the air as the days get longer and longer. Vacation plans are being made for the summer. Swimsuit and sunscreen shopping has begun. Life is beginning to feel more free and open. What do you want to do this summer? Are you planning a trip? Camping? Hiking? Swimming? What is your ritual that grounds you in the new season? As we move through June and celebrate the solstice, we acknowledge the shift of time with the longest day and shortest night of the year. Campfires, marshmallows, bug bites. What makes you feel like summer is here? The heat continues to grow. Kids ride bikes in the neighborhoods later and later. Suddenly July is upon us. The 4th of July, fireworks and the smell of BBQs in the air. To the beach or to the pool, we escape the heat and dive into the water. Tan lines are darkening despite our greatest sun-screening efforts, and before you know it the calendar must be turned to August. Stores start to stock up with “Back to School” supplies. Kids get antsy about summer ending, and parents begin to feel the bittersweet excitement of returning to the school-year schedule. Time has gone so quickly!

You’ve arrived on this August day, three months in the future. What memories have you created? What goals have you accomplished? What did you decide on that day back in May that you wanted this summer to be?

How can I support you in getting there? Schedule your own Health Visioning Strategy Session with me and let’s get you on track for a summer (and beyond) of your dreams!

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