love is in the air

February is Heart Awareness Month, a marketing campaign to help raise awareness about heart disease and how to prevent it. A worthy cause for sure since heart disease is the leading cause of death for adults in the U.S. There are many ways I could support you in changing your eating habits, taking on exercise that excites you, and reducing the ever present stress in our modern lives, but I am looking at Heart Awareness Month from a different angle.

I am choosing to become aware of love this month.

Love is in the air. It’s all around us. All you have to do is open your eyes. When we invite love into our world with a simple invitation, it is amazing how it shows up. A couple of weeks ago, I was out at a reservoir with my son and his friend. As they played in the mud, happy as two 8-year-old boys could be, I wandered nearby with our dog, exploring on our own. The ground was covered with rocks. As I balanced from one to the next, finding the biggest rocks to stand on, it suddenly occurred to me to ask to see a heart shaped rock. So I did.

“Show me a heart,” I silently asked the universe. I took a step and spotted this rock:

heart rock 1 (2)








Well, maybe… a little disproportionate, but could be…

Then a few steps more and I spotted this rock:

heart rock 2 (2)








Okay. That’s a heart for sure, I thought, quite impressed that literally within a minute of my request, I had found a decent heart rock, and then…

heart rock 3 (2)

Oh my! Look at this perfect heart rock! It took my breath away!

I smiled and felt the warmth of the sun on that beautiful January day. I smiled and knew I had brought forth this image of love almost instantly. I had asked for a heart and here it was. Wow!

What we are aware of every day is our choice. Let’s ask to see the hearts that surround us. Let’s ask to see acts of love and kindness. Become aware of your heart. Is it full or is it stuck in a sense of scarcity? Ask for love. Simply ask and allow your breath to be taken away!


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