What do you want to create in your life?

Your invitation to dream big is here!

What could two months of 

Aligned Action change in your life? 


You’ll be amazed!

Let’s get going!


Having a clear vision of where you want to go and what you want to create is the first step in realizing your goals and reaching your vision.

From setting intentions, resolutions, and goals to choosing a Word of the Year or creating vision boards, many of us have experience with wanting to make a change in our lives.

It can be exciting, playful, and creative to create a vision board with pictures, inspiring words, and colors to encourage you to name those dreams that have been percolating inside you. Sometimes the perfect image from those magazines pulls at you when you see it. You may not know why, but you trust and place the image on your board only to be amazed days, weeks, or months later when a new opportunity presents itself and you immediately have a flash of that image in your mind.

Yes, the creation of your vision board is by itself a magical and energizing process.

But, after you taste the clarity, excitement and joy of your vision,
then what?

I have seen too many times, in myself as well as others, that we step away from that inspiration and fall into a lull of inaction. Especially with big dreams that take time and commitment.

I also know, from coaching and from personal experience, that real change can happen with a clear and kind plan, consistent action, and supportive accountability.

If you are ready to move from your vision to fulfillment of your dreams, you are invited to make a coaching commitment for yourself.

In your Mini-Stroll coaching program:

We begin with a deep dive (90-minute) coaching session to uncover…

the meaningful-to-you goals and dreams you are ready to bring to life!

In our second (60-minute) session, we will create your… 


Aligned Action Plan!

Over the next four weeks, you:

 > take action

 > watch what happens

 > check in

 > get support & celebrate!

In our third (60-minute) session, we meet to reflect on your experience and help you get grounded in your growth.

We’ll work together for about two months to bring a real, meaningful change to life.

The shift you experience will propel you forward and give you the 

confidence and self-trust to keep going, 

knowing you are capable of whatever you set your mind to.

I’ve got you, and…

You’ve got this!

If you know you are ready to get started, 

click “I’m ready” to sign up! 

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we will get our calls scheduled and you will start on your transformational stroll!


Email  jess@thebalancetree.com if you have any questions or set up your free 30-minute discovery session.