Moving and Clearing = RESET: Summer Cleanse

There has been a lot of movement in my life lately. The biggest move was my home! Just two weeks ago, my son and I moved from a townhouse we rented for nearly 5 years to a house we get to call our own! To own a house again feels liberating! We are having fun discovering how we want to make it our own. The baby blue walls in Henry’s bedroom are being accented with one wall of deep cobalt blue. Furniture that was good enough in our dark, dated rental suddenly seems old and dingy in our new bright home, so lots of furniture shopping going on. But beyond what we want to change or add to our new home, a big shift for me is all I want to release.

I started reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo as I began the process of packing last month. I joyfully discarded many items, pleased to have less to move to the new home. Now as I look at some boxes still unopened, I feel ready for another round of discarding. I am shedding what is no longer needed, from old clothes that do not bring me joy, books I have read and will not read again (this was hard!), to decorations and nick-knacks that are not my style any more. This process has been liberating and has awoken in me a desire to cleanse my body as well. Winter, a long rainy spring, and I’m sure some stress, have all played their part to add an extra layer to my body. I am ready to discard that too!

My first cleanse, back in 1998, was an amazing experience. I was astonished at how good I felt (after the first few days of withdrawal of course – ouch!). I had so much energy and my skin felt light and smooth. My eyes brightened and the 10 pounds I dropped was a welcome benefit. The process of cleansing is almost spiritual as you get back to the core basics of nourishment for your body. You strip away the toxins that have built up in your body over time and

This summer as I create a home I love, discarding items I have been carrying around for so long, I am cleansing and resetting my body as well. I invite you to join me. Let’s cleanse our bodies and maybe clear out a bag or ten of items from our homes too!

RESET: Summer Cleanse starts June 29. Register by June 22 for $50 off.

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