Practices: Building Blocks for Growing a Life you Love

I’ve had this dance going on in my head with productivity words for a few weeks now.

Intentions, vision, objectives, goals, projects, tasks, action steps, practices…

In my world of vision and action coaching, I use quite a few of these. Lately my favorite has been practices.

When I think of a practice, it is a kind of living element of my life. Practices are what you do each day or with some regular consistency that create the life you want.

This quote from Annie Dillard sums it up: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

And the truth of practices is that sometimes they are not actually helping us create the life we want – that’s
when we call them habits, or bad habits!

I love adding new practices to my life. They are my intentional touchstones to achieving my vision.

One vision I have is to continue to be active, fit and healthy as I turn the page to 50 this year (and beyond)!

My practices to achieve this are to take my vitamins each day, to meditate 20 minutes each day, to exercise 5 days each week, and starting this month I am adding a new practice of a daily walk. Once around the block is my minimum.

These practices shape the life I am living and are different for me right now than goals. There was a time before I meditated regularly where I set that as a goal. I had to establish the practice – create the space and time in my life and build the practice. There were action steps to take to achieve this goal, like buy a meditation pillow, clear space in my house to sit. I even started a meditation group to achieve this goal. Now it is a way of life for me.

I like the idea that my specific goals and projects which arise at different times in life are all building blocks for growing a life I love.

At one point in life I wasn’t meditating, now it is one of my living practices.

What are the practices already in place in your life that support living a life you love? What new practices are you committing to?

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