September is for Self-Care

September is full of new beginnings. School starts. The change in season prompts us to build a new wardrobe. New notebooks and pen packs sit in the “buy me now” spots in every store inspiring fresh starts. With all these new routines starting, don’t throw out all the old!


First, don’t drop what is typically the first thing to go at this time of year: self-care. Whether that means your morning walk, yoga class, or long weekend run, be sure to keep that going. And this isn’t the time to succumb to the plethora of fast-food drive-ins you pass on the way home each night. Self-care keeps you going!

Come October, routines are somewhat set. We’ve found our groove. But, alas, the “to do” list is starting to build subconsciously. First it’s the school projects, then Halloween costumes. Suddenly the holiday ads are upon us and we re-commit to the annually made goal of getting all the gift shopping done early. We start searching for airfare deals on line to travel to see family (or book an island getaway). We start compiling the menu for Thanksgiving and take time to sort through the year’s photos for the perfect collage for the holiday cards. My, writing this has tapped into my own subconscious to do list!

In short, we have a lot on our plates! So what is the trick for getting it all done and staying healthy? Give yourself a break and try out a local meal service for healthy dinners made for you.

Tip… organic dish meal service

Next, do what my mother and so many alongside her have done for years: make a list or two or three. List the giftees you need to buy for, their sizes, and ideas. List daily doable to dos and check them off when completed. Make sure to include your self-care practices.

Tip… small notebook for easy list making

And lastly, something that may be hard for you: ask for help. Get the kids to browse this year’s 1000s of photos and present some options for the holiday card or have them create the family pose for a new one. Simplify Thanksgiving with a shared effort among your guests. Look for Halloween costume swaps rather than taking the time to make yours from scratch.

Be creative in managing your time so you can enjoy the season and the build up to the holidays. Don’t forget to get out and enjoy the crisp fall air.

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